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About Us

Do you get an image in your mind when you read the bible?  Do you try to recreate it and get frustrated?  Have you tried to find stamps and stencils that honor and bring glory to God?  

That was the experience Shonna and Diane had as faithartists!  Little to no products in the marketplace, so God led them to create His Kingdom Come faithart products they wanted to use  to tell their faithart story!  

At the HKC Faithart Shoppe you will find creative and unique faithart products to draw you into God’s presence and lead you deeper into creative living. Faithart tools help us create art with the intention of connecting with God and exercising the artistic gifts God has bestowed upon each of us. These faithart tools allow you to work together with God to discover the creative, holy and abundant faithart He has placed upon your heart! 

Stamps, stencils, coloring books, digital downloads

All designed by hand with God's love.

Join His Kingdom Come in

creative expressions of faith!

 His Kingdom Come showcases faithart products designed by Christian artists

who know and love God and are passionate about sharing their faithart! 


or just type in His Kingdom Come in the FB search bar

Looking for a FaceBook group to hang out with fellow Christian artists?  Join His Kingdom Come (HKC) FB group where Christians can encourage, share, and learn about Christianity and explore the God-given creativity that He has put in us all.  Our FB group is devoted to faithart, with  projects and faithart products to encourage you in your faithart journey!   


What kind of artists enjoy our faithart FB group?

Bible journaling is the latest way to spend time in your bible and be creative!  Find lots of tutorials, products, videos, and pictures to encourage you in this art medium.  Prophetic artists love HKC for expressing faith in mixed media, painting, art journaling, textiles, watercolor, digital, and more. A beginner?  HKC is the perfect group for you to begin your going deeper journey with Christians and artists!


 Come along on the creative faithart journey and go deeper in your faith!