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God's Girls!

Designer Shonna Bucaroff created this collection of girls and words you can use to add to your bible journaling pages, gift tags, faithart journaling and mixed media projects! Sweet, innocent, adorable girls that can represent your love of God.

"The idea of creating "God's Girls" came when I was unable to find Christian art products in the whimsical style I liked. I wanted to create girls that were quirky, but were praising the Lord, showing God's joy, and enjoying His word. I also wanted to make God's Girls stamps a little larger than the standard stamp size, so artists and crafters could use them in Faithart Journaling, Bible Journaling and many other art projects. I'm so happy with how my vision of "God's Girls" became a reality and enjoy seeing them being used by Christian Artisans everywhere"-Shonna Bucaroff (on why she created God's Girls Faithart Stamps)

His Kingdom Come showcases faithart products designed by Christian artists who know and love God and are passionate about sharing their faithart! Our faithart products include canvas ephemera, stamps, stencils/masks and thermofax screens.

Faithart stamps are easy to use! Simply peel, place on an acrylic block (not included), ink, and press!

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